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Excess data usage in Sept amd missing data usage info in June and July



I have exceeded my 200Gb plan in Sept and my general data usage has been around 100Gb. I have also found out the data usages info missing in June and July. I have a cable modem but I cannot see if I can turn on audting on it for each connected device to check detail usages. Any suggestion?


Thank you

Finsen Cheng

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Re: Excess data usage in Sept amd missing data usage info in June and July

Hi Finsen, second part first - Telstra had a problem with the recording of data use from around March 2016 and August 2016, and if you looked at your usage in that time it would have showed zero.


Re your first question, I do not have sufficient detail on your service, ie: Do you have Telstra Air Activated? If so, there is possibly an issue with Telstra Air use by others decrementing your broadband allowance, see this rather long thread:


If you have a cable modem it is likely to be a Netgear C6300, and you can check some of the settings here: but I can not see any way to view an audit trail. I monitor usage through My Account > Home Cable Internet > Usage... Not a great deal of detail but it might give you a clue as to when the excess occurred?


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