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Exteme slow nbn

Of an evening for the last few months our speeds are around 1.5 down and 1.5 up on a bad day, 4 down and 5 up on a good day, with pings in the several hundreds, we pay for 50/20, early morning or at like 1 am they are acceptable at about 30/12,

I have Contacted Telstra like 10 times or more, had an appointment for a tech to come and look at out hardware, was told I would have to be home as its inside, Took day off, no one showed or called. I have been told every phone call that someone will contact me within 24 hour after the connection has been looked into, never had a call back.


I kept ringing and someone finally told me that its tower congestion that will be looked into 2nd quarter of 2018.


This is totally unacceptable, our daughters both go to uni this year and the internet is unusable. During the last months of last year they used mobile data for study its so bad.

I cannot understand how and why a tower would be allowed to get so over subscribed that its rendered useless and nothing like what we originally paid for anymore, I presume this is nbn.co fault, but unfortunately, I have to deal with you as you are the ones who I purchased it off and pay each month.


Before I go to the  ombudsman please advise me of my options aside of selling our house.

If the speeds are going to stay like this do we get a monthly discount until speeds resume ? or do you allow us to be out of our contract ? Which unfortunately wont help us as its the tower that's over subscribed, but after been a customer for like 20 years I would feel a lot better knowing  I not giving you money any more after the way we are being treated.

 Or can you offer us a 4g modem and plan at similar allowance in conjunction with our nbn for our daughters to use for study? There must be something, we cannot stay like this for months on end, Can we go back onto Adsl2 ? our old adsl2 was at least 13Mbps day in day out anytime of day, and yes its upload was slower, but no slower than we currently have.


Looking forward to hearing what can be done to assist our problem.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Exteme slow nbn

If it is a backhaul problem at the Tower, then it is a case of waiting for NBN Co to upgrade it.

First step would be to cancel your speed boost. At least you won't be paying for what you can't receive.

Second step would be to call 132200 and to lodge a formal complaint. That way it is a single point of contact dealing with the issue and they might possibly be able to offer a temporary solution.

Final step (after step 2 plays out) would be a complaint to the TIO.
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