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Extremely frustrating ADSL connection (or lack of) saga. TL;DR - I'm still waiting for internet

Hi Everyone,


I wanted to share what is only felt as the worst customer service experience in my life. I'm sure mine isn't the worst thats been experienced, but it is mine.


It started when my partner and I moved house. We moved from lovely, beautiful, trouble free NBN through Optus. The days when the internet was always active. Technical issues were handled immediately, and most importantly, we had internet. We moved house and where we are, we unfortunately didn't have an easy connection to Optus, so we thought we'd give Telstra a try.


Biggest.... mistake.... ever.


3rd of April I call Telstra and get a guide on plans and such and the gentleman (and whoever he was - fantasticly helpful individual) said that our connection was essentially still active, so it would be connected in a few days, once we went through sales. So on the 4th my partner calls and commits to a "big bundle". We get told over the phone connection on the 12th though when it came through via email, our connection showed as being the 18th. We called and our modem was fast-tracked into being delivered and our phone was connected, so this was a good sign, but little did we know, this is where the trouble began.


We called a number of times to get our date brought back. it was essential as I was travelling 3 hour round trip to the office and having internet at home limits this need. We were promised a number of times where connection would happen "in 30 mins", "in 2 hours" "Midnight" and various other times. in the end, it never happened. The one comical thing we used to enjoy was predicting when the "have you recieved your modem yet" question would be asked. it always was.


So the 18th comes, no internet. we call up, and they say "no, midnight". midnight passes, morning passes. We call again and are told "we can't escalate for 48 hours". We call again the 20th. no escalation possible. we call on the 21st. Yes we can escalate. "Your internet will be resolved in 24-48 hours". This came in the midst of a weekend, and on the monday, frustrated i make contact again and was told a story which we are told many times each day as we follow up. "Your account is being held up in activation and will be resolved in 24-48 hours". This response is heard for days and out of frustration I call the TIO and lodge a complaint as we have been told a number of times we'll have it resolved. We are told by the TIO that we need to wait until the 8th of May before any action will be taken by them, but likely it will be connected prior to then.


Optimistically, we are patient.


We are then told we have a further escalation and then a third escalation. This is "the highest escalation we can do". We are told its an IT issue. can we speak to the IT team? no, theyre a contractor. We then get a call from someone in Australia (now I'm not fussed about OS call centres, but it was a noticable surprise we had a call from Melbourne) that we have been given a case Manager. Alexander. we thought this seemed like a step in the right direction, but Alexander is just well trained in apology, and not well trained in getting internet connected. We learn this through the constant apologies and "I understand". Do people know how infuriating it is to be told "I Understand"? No buddy, if you "understood" you would have been told lies over and over about your connection. how it was prioritised. how it would be connected in a time frame. Youd have no internet and a 3 hour commute daily because of no internet. then you'd understand.


My partner yesterday visited a Telstra shop to see if we could get any love there. So a guy looks at the account and notices that our account was cancelled. He reinvigorated the account and we recieved an email to say we now have Telstra air! but alas, when we try it out, our password wont accept and we cannot use it. We are then told via text message that our modem is on it's way!!! we already have a modem.... FFS.


The one saving grace was I got sick of travel so i bought a sim card and did a data top up. expencive but i mentioned it to Alexander and he topped us up. This was the first part of decent service we've recieved. He topped us up a few times which kept us able to do things. However, this has run out, we have called up to get another top up and have been told "only the case manager can approve of this". We know it's on the notes to facilitate top ups. We've seen it. Alexander told us. So now we have no internet again. Noone at Telstra can help because the case manager has gone home.


So all along since getting the modem the activations team have tested the line and it seems to be operational. WAN is connected. the only issue, is that our modem, Telstra 24/7 and any service using our logon wont accept, therefore our account hasn't been activated which is the only issue.


Today is the 11th. We're approaching almost a month of this happening and we still have no internet, are no closer to internet.


Any advice?

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Re: Extremely frustrating ADSL connection (or lack of) saga. TL;DR - I'm still waiting for internet

As it is subject to a TIO investigation and has a case manager assigned, there isn't much else that can be done.

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Re: Extremely frustrating ADSL connection (or lack of) saga. TL;DR - I'm still waiting for internet

GET OUT NOW! I can't even use my pc, since Feb have had 7 tech's come out and still does not load, I don't know who you can go with as all feedback is negative on all ISP's
Support Team
Support Team

Re: Extremely frustrating ADSL connection (or lack of) saga. TL;DR - I'm still waiting for internet

I'm sorry to hear that was your experience. Regrettably until it's connected and working fixed broadband availability cannot be guaranteed for an address. Usually it's determined fairly quickly whether or not  we'll be able to complete your application but there are occasions where things are more complex than standard, or where unexpected hurdles can cause a delay. I apologise if that's that's happened in your case. As you've already escalated an external complaint either the service will be possible or it won't be, and your complaint case manager will address that with you directly. 

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