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Extremely Slow Velocity Speeds.

Had normal Velocity, complained and got given the speed boost for free.


Speed boost was great for about a week tops, was getting between 5 and 30mb's download speeds. Was amazing.


Now am back down to 200kb's to 1mb's tops.


That is with no outages or service disruptions in my area.


I try and get help i get asked if i have reset my router.


I reset my router nearly every day just to try and get a couple extra kb's download speeds.


Telstra needs to stop lying and start giving out their internet for free. Nowhere else in the world would people pay for internet this slow.


You can get faster internet from a hole in the ground in the middle east.


(as if to solidify my point my internet connection got disrupted while posting this so I had to type it all out again!)


Does anybody know a work around to get faster internet to velocity communities so we can escape telstra?

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Level 1: Cadet

Re: Extremely Slow Velocity Speeds.

My speed is an absolute joke too. We brought a new Netgear WiFi Modem thinking that our old thompson gateway modem was the issue. Turns out it wasnt and our $300 purchase was a total waste of money.

I've done the conection troubleshooting several times, and each time it comes up saying that the internet is totally fine. We reset the router daily.

So much for Telstra being the best service provider. I got better speeds on netspace dial up 10 years ago.


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