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Foxtel and Cable Broadband - dropouts

I am having issues with intermittent dropouts (cable internet and Foxtel simultaneously), my internet speeds are fine but I get times when things wont open, online games get jitter then severe lag spikes (that often cause death in game) and my Foxtel loses reception. For example, during a soccer broadcast we get no signal about 6-7 times (each about 10 seconds). I rang Telstra support, they did some tests while I saw on the phone and said everything seems fine, reset modem, router, foxtel box and said it should be fine now. I rang Foxtel support and this guy had no idea, I explained the details of what happens, he said is it working now? I said yes, he goes Ok is there anything else I can help you with? I said hang on you havent fixed anything yet .... hence the difficulty with intermittent issues.


What do you suggest I do? 


I have about 5 months left before being forced onto NBN, what are the chances the same issue will carry over? NBN has a performance guarantee but what happens if it doesn't live up to expectations?


Any help would be great.


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