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Foxtel by Telstra removal of access to "On Demand" on IQ2 boxes

Why should I have to pay $185 x 2 to upgrade to the latest IQ box because Telstra removed access to "On Demand" on IQ2 boxes?  How about Telstra send out longstanding customers likemyself upgraded boxes for free since you are now denying access to a feature I have had for years and still charging the same amount for the service.  "On Demand" is a necessity, since shows are constantly on repeat and there are way too many ads played.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Foxtel by Telstra removal of access to "On Demand" on IQ2 boxes

Telstra didn't remove anything. Foxtel removed the On Demand feature from the older boxes. Foxtel also set the pricing, not Telstra.


There was also an offer emailed out late last year offering free upgrades to either an iQ3 or iQ4 box in preparation for the change, which needed to be accepted by the 20th of January 2021..

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