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Free data top up not working

Hello there

I have tried to use the free top up of data about 6 times and it has not worked once.

I am wondering if this is a deliberate ploy as previously I have just given up on it.

How do I get this to actually work?



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Re: Free data top up not working

This could be related to the issue with the "Usage meter" -


My experience is that it top-up could take upto 12-24 hours to take effect, and not 30 minutes as shown on the confirmation page.


I too was wondering once why my top-up had not taken effect - pressed once from "My account" then rang Tech Support and they also initiated a request and I ended up with 2 top-ups.


If you press "top-up" too many times, this could cause your request to "jam" their system. As other community members have described in other posts (for other services).


I know it is frustrating, next stop I'd be contacting Tech Support.

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Re: Free data top up not working

Of course it didn't work, even rang tech support who said the order was there and would be completed. Once again I just gave up!

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