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Frequent Packet loss on HFC connection and support does not believe me

I have raised a complaint with Telstra re packet loss on my NBN HFC connection - as suggested in this post:


That problem is a loss of upstream packets, resulting in disconnects from online services, unable to browse the web, distorted or dropped voice when using online meeting tools etc. I've tested this down to connecting a single computer connected directly to the black NBN modem via a brand new cat 6 cable, and the issue persists.


Since the last forum post I have raised a complain with Telstra, who assigned me a customer service agent. They walked me through some simple network testing, and finished up with "we will monitor your line for 24 hrs". For 4 days straight the problem went away - then the problem has been back as before.

When I contacted the customer service agent again they kept saying "we can see from the network test and logs that there is nothing wrong with your service".


When I said I had extensive PingPlotter and mtr logs to show the network issue, the customer service agent told me "that is not proof of a problem" and that "you need to provide proof".


What the heck am I meant to do to prove the issue to them?


The customer service agent assigned to me is not particularly knowledgeable, shall we say. My initial complaint mentioned the noise on the line that an NBN technician had told me about; the customer service agent insisted on ringing me on the home phone then asking me "can you hear this noise on the line? what does it sound like?" Oh my goodness, they didn't know enough about the technology they are supporting to understand that I was referring to noise on the HFC line, and what noise on the line means... After trying a few times to explain what this means I gave up and asked them to just focus on the lost packets.


Now "we" are monitoring the line again for another 4 days, starting from yesterday, and we've had hours of interrupts all day today.


I don't know what I can do now other than raise a complain with the TIO about this.

Does anyone know what I can do to convince the support agent that there really is a problem on the NBN here? I don't understand why they can't see the issue in their logs.

Attaching the PingPlotter output from during two periods of network issues. During each of those red lines on the graph we are experiencing the network issues:
8pm tonight12:50pm today

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Re: Frequent Packet loss on HFC connection and support does not believe me

Just adding in a few more details:

  • I'm only showing the PingPlotter trace to one IP only, but all pings running at that time show the same issues at that point in time.
  • I'm aware that lost packets, especially when using the ICMP packets, are not an issue in intermediate hops as those servers might be temporarily busy or dropping packets. I am only concerned when packet loss is occurring on the path to the final destination ie the end point did not reply
  • Each of these red lines on the graph corresponds directly to interruptions on the network, as described above
  • I've done the same style tests using mtr on a linux machine using TCP packets, and experienced the same periods of dropouts.

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