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Hi, so I finally decided to move into the 21st century and get an internet connection at home, I checked all the providers and Telstra was the one that had the best deals for my area, ADSL 2+, unlimited data all the works, whom I was happy to shop with because I've had my mobile plans with them for 7 odd years. Anyway so I went into the Telstra store and signed up for the broadband/home phone bundle and they rolled my mobile into the same bill, this was Tuesday 2 weeks ago and the girl serving me said that there will be a technician there to check your existing phone line the following thursday, but your modem should arrive within 2 days and once you plug it in the wall you should be good to go. By Friday I hadn't received anything and thought it may be because of the long weekend, so I waited until Tuesday after Labor Day, still nothing. I rang the services number and got through to an operator who tells me that my order has been cancelled and now I have to place a new one. Where was my e-mail, text message, phone call? I never got one, the only reason I knew what was happening was because I rang them, so after the operator couldn't figure out what was going on he put me onto somebody else who told me I need to place a whole new order over the phone, and after 15 minutes of me trying to explain what had happened and her talking over me I said don't worry about it and went back to the Telstra store, when I got there the guy rang whoever and they said it was a system error because the home phone number they provided was allocated already, so they assigned a new number and said they would make a new date for a technician which was the 22nd. All good then I thought. That Friday I was trying to track my order to make sure it wasn't going to get cancelled again, but wouldn't you know it, it was cancelled again. So I left work early and went back into the Telstra store and spoke to the same bird that signed me up, she was just as confused as me why this was happening, so after her speaking to somebody and getting put on hold for a good 45 minutes the people on the other end claimed the reason was because there is no phone line connection at the property. She put me on the phone and I tried to tell her that there are 2 phone jacks in the wall and a Telstra cable running into the house outside and also the owner told me that they had internet there before we moved in, this house is only 6 years old and I couldn't imagine the cables would be stuffed already, anyway so she kept telling me that I was wrong and a technician will need to pull new cables through and I will have a date sent to me within 24-48 hours, of course it was Friday so waited over the weekend and got a message yesterday morning stating that the 9th of April is the earliest date they can do, I called them up and tried to get an earlier date but they said that was all they could do. My partner said I should ring complaints and tell them what's happened and they said I will have to wait until the 9th and they can't make it any quicker, so I asked will the modem be coming with the technician or will I receive it before then and I was told that the technician will only be installing the phone line and the internet will have to be organised after that. Sorry about the gigantic rant but has anyone else had to jump through all these hoops, and is this normal?

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Re: Frustrated

Hi Adrian35,

I'm really sorry this order hasn't been a smooth process as it should, I can see how this would be disappointing & frustrating.

There are a few reasons we may have to install a new line, that could be because the phone/net hasn't been working in there for the last 6 months, it could be that there is damage to the line some where,  or it could be as simple as a mismatch of details meaning we're unable to locate the old details. For example, when I called to get my service connected in 2011 I was told my address was 97b, although oddly enough it turned out that it was registered also under Unit A!. 

You can place a formal complaint but honestly in most cases that won't speed things up, it does however mean that someone will investigate, gain the facts & get back to you, more on that here Lodging a complaint with Telstra



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