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G.711 VOIP over Telstra Gateway Max



I have recently switched over to Telstra Cable on the Netgear C6300BD.


I have been trying to get my Internode Nodephone service working through a Fritzbox 7390, which previously worked fine with my ADSL connection.


The VOIP service connects fine, however, when I call mobiles or landlines, I can't hear anything. No ringing and no voice on the other end, even though the call is connecting and the other person can hear me.


I then rang a few test numbers that Internode have, such as an echo test, and I tried the Telstra test number 127 22 123. All these worked fine and I was able to hear the other end.


When I looked at my call log, I found that the calls that didn't work were using G.711 codec and the ones that did work were using G.729. In the packet counts, I only ever received 1 return packet when G.711 is used.


While I am aware that there are work-arounds, including bridging the cable modem or changing the codec priority in the Fritzbox, I don't understand why one codec would work and not another.


So it appears that there is no issue with ports, ALG, NAT, routing etc and that the G.711 codec itself doesn't work with the Telstra connection.


Is it possible to get the G.711 codec working with Telstra?





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