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Game Optimiser

So I have recently had my service disconnected with an old username and reconnected with a new username, before disconnecting I had registered for Game Optimiser and it was working successfully.


However, since disconnecting and reconnecting again with a different username, the link via the app will not let me activate it, even though I have the correct Technicolor modem. It comes up with an error saying "Game Optimiser not added. Please try again." This has been attempted multiple times over a number of days now. The modem has also since had a hard reset and been restarted a couple of times to no avail.


I'm having no luck in getting this working again, any idea anyone?

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Re: Game Optimiser

Hi - for general interest, there is a Discussion Group for Game Optimiser on the forum for customers who use the Add-On.       https://crowdsupport.telstra.com.au/t5/game-optimiser/bd-p/Game-Optimiser


Suggest you send a Private Message to the Product Support Specialist who is pro-actively managing the Game Optimiser Beta trial and helpfully assisting users - @NdFraser 


@NdFraser - I have taken the liberty of referring the OP to you. It is refreshing to see Telstra having a product support specialist participating actively in the forum and hopefully you may be able to assist in this instance. 

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