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Gateway Max WAN light flashing green

Yesterday I received SMS confirmation from Telstra saying by Broadband Cable modem was ready for connection.  So I plugged everything in and commenced the Activation process.  I got to the point where it asked for my telstra username and password.  Unfortunately, I couldn't remember the password so I tried a few passwords with no success.  So via the 24x7 chat I had my password reset.  However everytime I try and re-activate the modem now it says "Your WAN connection is down.".


The WAN light on the modem is constantly flashing.


I have tried the following, all without success:

- Switched modem off and on again

- unplugged coax cable from wall and modem and reconnected

- factory reset modem


I can connect to the modem settings via http://mygateway and I notice under Broadband connection settings that "Acquire downstream channel" is "Locked".  (see image). I'm not sure if this is correct.  Could my account be locked due to too many incorrect passwords?  Telstra Tech support has advised that they need to send a technician onsite to activate but what doesn't make sense is yesterday before I entered the wrong password the WAN light was ON and only after entering the wrong password it has started flashing.


Can anybody help?


Thanks in advance.

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 4.07.36 PM.png

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Re: Gateway Max WAN light flashing green

The Locked message means that the cable is locked to that frequency which is normal


However if you have a flashing WAN light it means the modem cannot establish a proper connection to the cable node.

Are the downstream and upstream lights flashing as well?


You may have to get Tech Support to investigate as an incorrect password should not cause that issue

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Re: Gateway Max WAN light flashing green

 Hi Yastiandrie, thanks for your reply.  Downstream and upstream lights are on.


I guess I will wait for a tech to come out.

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