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Good download speed but slow upload - how can this be improved?

I have fixed wireless on a 50/20 plan. I started with Telstra June 2019. My NBN performance for first 6 months was 32Mb/s down, 9.8Mb/s up and 42ms latency, which we we're ok with. Then from mid January 2020 things changed. From then until mid October performance was 48Mb/s down (+50%), 2.9Mb/s (-70%) up and 55ms (+31%) latency. I regularly monitor using Ookla speed test, and the stats are averages over those months - so I think good data.


No complaints on 50% increase in download, but my wife and I work from home and good upload is essential for cloud storage and video conferencing. Have had terrible experience with Telstra customer service - they simply don't know what they're doing - sick of spending hours on phone providing lots of info but absolutely nothing in return except frustration. How can I get to the bottom of this? For example, can Telstra re-allocate bandwith? I spoke to NBN who said this is a retail provider issue.


I'm getting close to my plan download speed 50 vs 48 average actual, BUT simultaneously I get 2.9 average actual vs 20 plan upload speed. (I was previously getting 12-15 Mb/s upload with Optus, who now no longer offer fixed wireless NBN)


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Re: Good download speed but slow upload - how can this be improved?

Have you tried doing a test with a pc connected directly to the indoor unit? This will eliminate modem as the cause of the low speed.The upload and download speed are controlled by NBN not Telstra. It is only if there is congestion in theTelstra network that the poor speeds would be due to Telstra. Congestion usually effects download speed and has little or no effect on upload.


The change in speed is probably due to NBN co changing the speeds available for fixed wireles. NBN CO allocated more bandwidth to download and changed the speed of fixed wireless connections from 50/20 to 75/10 back in march. See article below



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Re: Good download speed but slow upload - how can this be improved?

Thanks. Yes, I connected a laptop directly to NBN box and used Telstra's speed test (which appears to be Ookla) and got similar results 30-40Mb/s download and sub 2Mb/s upload.


I'll have a look at article. I contacted NBN's local technician and he said that speed and allocation were the service provider's discretion.


Sadly, 75/10 might be great for Netflix, but a backward step for work. Seems like someone should re-read the justification for the NBN - increase national productivity! (Getting close to 10 Mb/s would be ok).


Thanks again for the response and info.


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