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Google wifi, VLAN tagging and NBN Wireless

I am due to be offered NBN Wireless in August and am looking around for ISPs. I am currently on ADSL2+ with iinet having left Telstra 6 months ago because I could not get google wifi to work well with Telstra's ADSL connection - Google wifi were telling me Telstra were using VLAN tagging which they don't support, Telstra confirmed they were using VLAN tagging on my service and the two seemed to refuse to consult (crazy that Telstra and Google seemed to be unable to cooperate but anyway). iinet ADSL has been more stable although the cost is killing me. I'm smashing $160 pcm on about 400MB pcm at 7Mbps cos I'm offnet and its killing me whilst homeworking and homeschooling. iinet offer zero COVID homeworking discounts and without 2 weeks of disruption concentrating on moving ISPs again and risking ending up on another unstable connection I'm kinda stuck.

SO MY QUESTION: Does Google wifi work well with Telstra on NBN Wireless and if so what are the configs I need to make to ensure this? Can I operate in bridge mode so google wifi manages the IP address of all my devices at home without "double natting" and VLAN tags being set by Telstra (or NBN?), upsetting my google wifi product (which is gen 1 - although I'm not sure whether the newer versions of Google wifi's operation is different in this respect)? I am not a networking expert and its very annoying that I seem to have to turn into one to use consumer grade home networking equipment like google wifi to be able to use it with mainstream ISPs. Any advice, experiences or even expertise would be most grateful. I spent months trying to seek expertise from ISPs but I found it utterly impossible and which is why I churned from Telstra in the first place.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Google wifi, VLAN tagging and NBN Wireless

As far as I know Telstra doesn't use vlan tagging on its ADSL or NBN services.


To avoid double NAT you could connect the main google device directly to the Fixed Wireless Indoor unit and then connect WAN port of Telstra modem to the second Ethernet port on the main google device. Set the Google for a DHCP connection (ISP does not require login).


If the phone service is provide by your existing phone cable you don't need to use the Telstra modem.


If your phone service is to be provided over the NBN initially connect Telstra modem directly to NBN indoor unit until phone settings have been configured in modem indicated by modem's phone light turning green. Then set up as above. 

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