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Has Data Upload Speed Limit Changed on 100/40 service?

Hi, we have noted that where we used to get 87-92 Mbit/s Download with 32-36 Mbit/sec Upload, this has recently changed and now we only ever see 16-19Mbit/sec upload.   This is inline with NBN revised customer services.

We have two NBN lines one with Telstra and another with More Telecon, and they both show the same performance degradation.

What has changed, and were we ever notified, or going to be?

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Re: Has Data Upload Speed Limit Changed on 100/40 service?

Do you have a link the “NBN revised customer services”?.


As food for thought, ACMA handed down a ruling today that penalised Telstra for  “not notifying the customers that the maximum speeds advertised in certain internet plans were not attainable with the NBN infrastructure available to them” SMH article


The actual ruling states:

Under ACMA rules telcos must verify maximum internet speeds and notify customers when speeds cannot meet those advertised in their plan. In these circumstances customers are entitled to move to a lower speed tier plan at a lower price or exit the contract without cost.


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Re: Has Data Upload Speed Limit Changed on 100/40 service?

Telstra stopped providing 100/40Mbps NBN services a while ago. They are now 100/20Mbps NBN connections.

This is the standard NBN100 connection type for most providers.


It was announced a long time ago (more than 12 months ago).

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