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Having Issues Connecting at New Unit

I’ve just moved in and hooked up to power at a new apartment. Telstra Springfield organised a Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2 for me to use. When I plugged it in, the wifi was accessible but did not work particularly well. When I plugged the modem into the wall, the lights on the back were all green briefly and now the front light is red. Below is an image of the wall socket, the back of the modem and the modem. Anybody know what I can do? I’ve tried Telstra Support but it’s difficult to describe the wall socket to them.





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Re: Having Issues Connecting at New Unit

The presence of the coax connector on the wall plate would suggest that maybe your place is connected to NBN HFC rather than ADSL. But you seem to have no NBN NTD? Check here to see what NBN services are available at your address.. https://www.telstra.com.au/internet


Did you order a service or are you just expecting it to be there? There may be a delay in provisioning or something, but you dhould have either received an NBN device or NBN would have visited to install it. What paperwork do you have, if you ordered a sevice?


If you unplug the cable from the DSL port, after a few minutes the modem might switch to 4G mode (blue light) to give you interim internet connectivity until the NBN is delivered..  but the modem must have a properly provisioned SIM card for that to happen and there is no Mobile Signal indicator on the back of the modem by the looks of it..

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