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Hi, I NEED Help/advice, On 21st August  I applied online via telstra to switch my existing Telstra ADSL to the NBN, opting for self install and retaining my silent number,on a  500 gb p.m.  package with home phone, offer included a bonus 500gb p.m. for contract term 1000gb pm. At this time I was out of contract on my previous ADSL plan and going month to month.  I received a confirmation email and eveything seemed fine.  A few days later I received a phone call from a technician saying he was just checking I was home as he was running early and was on his way to install my modem.... I told him that I had opted for self install, he double checked his paperwork and said  Yes I ccan see that too, but you are also down for a technician to install ??  He said he'd cross me off his job sheet and told me to contact Telstra.  Thats when It all went to S**T. 

I went the next day to My local "Telstra" store, they said because I ordered online they couldn't help and gave me a piece of paper with an NBN number and told me to call them. Dumbfounded I left the store and called the number from outside their store on my mobile, it was a wrong number, I went back in and was given another number to call and ushered out the door.

The NBN "support" person on the other end of this number said I had (2) orders in the system and that you you can't  have (2) orders at once so they would cancel BOTH and Reorder for me... OK seemed reasonable .. but not sure how I had (2) orders . I was also told the Bundle I had chosen with the bonus 500 gb pm had expired now so enen though I had ordered it whilst current and have a confirmation email, that Telstra could not give it to me and I would need to go to a medium bundle with 500 gb pm only. 

MORE problems... Over the past 3 months I have received  multiple letters and emails  from telstra saying "HELLO, Thanks for choosing Telstra on the nbn network"   etc.  I received  (1) Telstra Gateway Max  modem in the mail and was charged  on two separate bills $216.00 for the modem and $12 postage each time . TOTAL of $ 456  , this modem was supposed to be free, and I have since been credited on my bill. My first official connection date given  was 28/sept  (over a month after requesting) We all waited with baited breath.. then the day before I received a phone call from Telstra saying the NBN team would not be able to keep their appointment date to hook up FTTN , disappointed I asked When they would come he said he didn't know and hung up. Several phone calls and staff members later I was repeatedly told my order was in "ERROR" or "error provisioning"  I gave up for a week or so then out of the blue another email November 1st saying " Thanks for your Broadband order with Telstra on the NBN, It had an order number and said they would be in touch shortly with an appointment date. I waited a week , no more correspondence, so I logged into my Telstra account and looked up the order number from the email, It said I had a connection date of November 10th.  Deciding it best not to confuse Telstra any further I called NBN direct to confirm this date , which they did. On the 10th Nov I set up the modem as instructed and by 3pm we went from  speeds of 12/2  to an average of 24/4mbps.  Yeah We finally had NBN, no more whinging kids about lag, and we could all use the net at the same time... PEACE... THEN.....On Friday   25th November our speed dropped  2 / 2 mbps  stayed like that till last Tuesday 29/11  when at 1pm we lost all internet and home phone service, and still have nothing. I thought initially it was our area so didn't complain , but by Thursday morning the kids were going into meltdown and neither my husband or myself could access our work emails and schedules. Our daughter has final assessment work due by end of term for TAFE online due in a week or she fails, so has to book into local library in allowed small blocks to access internet after school which is frustrating. I rang Telstra on Thursday and was told my home phone had been cancelled ? and transferred me to NBN department. I spoke to a lady who said she didn't know Why  but would Compensate ? me for the days without internet, she texted me a link to my mobile (optus) to contact her later that day if I had not received a call back from A CASE MANAGER, she was going to talk to him once we hung up and told me he would sort out a way I could access the internet ASAP until they sorted it out. I waited 5 hours, got no callback  so clicked the ONE TIME ONLY LINK to get back to her. Its an automated system saying in a reply text YOU have my name, Ill call you within 45 Mins. (I didn't have her name). Anyway I received a call back within 30 mins, a different staff member, nameless lady had gone home, she did'nt know anything about my issues and after being on hold another 30 mins I was put thru to the case manager.  He said he didn't know why I was having problems, I told him I needed internet NOW and said he would reconnect my ADSL within 4- 6 hours (9-11 pm) that night until my NBN was sorted.  Next morning Friday 2nd December still nothing... Went to local Telstra store, very nice guy but basically said they are a shopfront not actually owned by Telstra as such and had very little ability to do anything to help. He looked up my account, and told  me my home phone was not Technically disconnected it was still in the system and that he could see a history or orders for NBN and ERRORS. He said there were a lot of notes, not all legible or in english and had trouble understanding a lot of them.  He said maybe an NBN technician was working at My local NODE on Tuesday and BUMPED out my connection ??  hence my sudden disconnection,  IS That possible.? He wished me luck . As I was sitting with him  my CASE NBN Manager called my mobile and said It didn't work, did it ? Referrring to his attempt to reconnect me overnight, I confirmed that Yes I was still without a home phone service or Internet. He said Ok I'll ring you back... Nothing to date.  Went out late yesterday Afternoon and brought a USB mobile broadband to enable the basics,  I called NBN direct yesterday they told me from their end I had an active NBN connection. I went to OPTUS, they said I would still need to go thru the motions If I swapped to them, Ie wait for an NBN connection appointment   etc minimum 10 days.. Would that really be necessary If NBN says I'm connected. He also suggested perhaps there is an issue with the wiring from my home.  Please any help would be appreciated. 4 kids all VERY TECH dependant and with Christmas coming we will go mental without internet, the boys were expecting A gaming PC from santa, not much use without internet,.. Merry Christmas... By the way Telstra still have me on an XL broadband plan, more expensive than the NBN packed they forced me into, when I questioned this they said they need time to test my connection before swapping my bill over. Sorry for the long winded expo and I know I've probably missed a few things, but if ANYONE has an idea I would be grateful. Thankyou   

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I have my own nbn issues but you have really copped it.

You can make a formal complaint to telstra and if I was you I wouild go to the TIO (ombudsman).
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Level 25: The Singularity


The manager sounds like he has no idea what he is talking about. As you had been switched over to the NBN (which involves physically moving your wires from the Telstra Pit/Column to the NBN Box), there is no possible way that he could get you back on to ADSL like that.


It is most likely that the NBN Tech, when they were working on someone else's connection, has accidentally hooked you up to someone else's terminal in the NBN Box. That would explain why you have no connection but NBN reckons you do.


If Telstra has booked an NBN Tech to investigate the problem, then there isn't much else that can be done. NBNCo are the only ones who can fix the problem.


You could lodge a complaint with Telstra about the handling overall of your account setup and ask for a reimbursement of current fees whilst it is being corrected.  This would also allow you to lodge a complaint with the TIO should it become necessary.


As far as switching suppliers, at the moment that might delay you even more as the NBN Tech would get cancelled by Telstra and rescheduled with your new provider. You could also be liable under your contract for an Early Termination Fee, which would be very substantial at this point of a 24 month contract.


Good Luck.

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