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HFC Cable down in Nedlands, 6009.



How do I get my HFC cable connection issue escalated and resolved?  On the 25th of Jan, Telstra was doing maintenance on our cable connection, and since then we've not had any service.  I've raised tickets, complaints, live chats, but no one will actually escalate the issue for it to be fixed. The representatives simply quote the outages page which always says it will be fixed in 1  - 2 days time..... but it keeps changing. It's been about 11 days now, I've had enough.


Telstra is super quick to charge me $10 eveytime we go over our data allowance on our mobiles, but not quick to resolve issues caused by your making.


Sure, offers to add more data to my phone is appreciated, but not acceptable as the house can't really run on my phone and a 6/1 4g backup connection which is pretty flacky.



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Re: HFC Cable down in Nedlands, 6009.

totally feel for you but you can claim the compensation for your bill

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