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HFC NBN Issues

Hi all,

Been having issues with my internet ever since installed, constant dropouts. Have been through the same script and monitoring several times, same each time. Finally had an NBN tech out yesterday and he found an issue  so think I had two problems 1. NBN and 2 Modem Router. 

NBN fixed or so they say, so must be modem router - looking at log the L3 process seem to seek to confirm connection but cant renew or confirm connect so sort of restarts and seeks new IP  - has "Wan down" as well but its not. after this cue 5 min restart until new ip given sometimes ok for 2 hrs sometime happens 3 times in hour. Obviously phone goes gown during the blackouts and doesnt reregister sip.


Any thoughts  on what it could be - exact light sequence now - online light goes off on smart gen2 modem then phone, 30-60 seconds later upstream, downstream, online start flashing on ntd  and then all come back on in reverse, phone often comes back orange.



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Re: HFC NBN Issues

I don’t think it is the modem. If you can do without the phone for a few hours you can proof weather the problem is the modem or the NBN link.


To test whether it is modem or NBN link disconnect modem and connect PC via Ethernet port directly to NTD. IF computer doesn’t drop out then modem is faulty. Alternatively instead of using a computer you could connect an router or if you still have your old cable modem connect its WAN port to the NTD. If the old cable modem is used it WAN port will need to be enabled first.


Enabling WAN port of C6300BD
Connecting PC to LAN port of  Netgear C6300D and log in to C6300D ( )
Go to the 'WAN Setup'
Then a drop down menu will come down and one option is 'WAN backup
Once you click that the screen will give you an option to 'Enable - Wan Mode'
Select that option.
Router will reboot


If it is the modem there is not much you can do except request a replacement modem from support.

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Re: HFC NBN Issues

Cheers for that - will dig out an old laptop 

Will the lap top automatically  get Ip/login straight from NBN if I plug directly into NTD? or would I need to enter some details



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Re: HFC NBN Issues

It will connect automatically.

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Re: HFC NBN Issues

Cheers for help 

             finally all fixed solid connection for 48hrs so far. Modem was fine, took three visits from NBN techs to sort, 1st Appt didnt turn up as they fixed on line....it didnt, 2nd changed connectors in home and isolator I mentioned to them the tap/lead in but tested ok didnt fix. 3rd tech was great replaced lead in line (just to be safe), replaced the connector to main line - inside is a small black ring that was burnt out so affected central core of cable - fixed and working.




Support Team
Support Team

Re: HFC NBN Issues

Glad to hear the issue has been resolved @Dropout. If you need any further assistance, we're here on crowd support 24x7. 

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