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HFC to divided block.

Hi all,



I have just moved to a new suburb. At my previous house I had a telstra cable connection (with speed boost, 500gb of data per month in a home phone bundle because it was cheaper despite me never using the phone).


One of the important factors in selecting a new house nowadays is obviously internet accessibility. The house I have moved into is a Maisonette/duplex in that it is split. On my road I live at number 8 which shares a roof/block with number 10.


Walking up and down the street I can see cable going into my house as well as those of my neighbours. The HFC in-point to my property happens to be located on the other side of the house ("number 10"). Checking telstra's online coverage map, the number 10 address comes up as available for telstra cable. The number 8 address comes up as only available on ADSL.


I initially put in a move request and had a commercial quote webform filled out for me. After not hearing anything for over a month I called again to check the status of that quote and was told it has been rejected because "nbnco are purchasing the infrastructure".


I spoke to NBNco's developments team and they told me that according to their coverage checker the number 10 house was scheduled to be connected to the NBN via their purchase of the Telstra HFC assets in the area by october 2017. The number 8 house was scheduled to be connected to NBN via fibre to the note technology, also in october 2017. Neither of these things help me. The fact that the HFC network there is being purchased by NBN is causing the commercial quote to fail before it even reaches the point of a technician attending.


It is obvious that I am right on the edge of the cable network's boundaries or that when this house was subdivided telstra were not properly informed. I am aware of the infrastructure transition to NBNco, it seems to have left me in limbo here.


I have managed to get put through to the Cable Technical department twice so far to explain my situation to them. The DOCSIS3.0 standard has no issues with running two modems on the one 'line'. Much like when you have a foxtel box as well as a modem, the installation of a second foxtel box in a multiroom scenario does not call for the pulling of a new cable. It only requires the installation of a high-gain two or four way splitter.


I have been told it is technically feasible to have a technician attend the house and install a splitter at the inpoint and then run a line into my half of the house for my modem. The problem is I can't book a commercial quote or technician to attend to look at this without an order for cable in place and I can't place an order for cable because ADSL is all that is available as far as the system is concerned.


I was wondering if there are any other avenue's not yet explored. Any tips in the right direction are greatly appreciated.




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Support Team
Support Team

Re: HFC to divided block.

Hi Alex, an odd situation indeed. If the standard Commercial Quote process can't be completed to provide a connection before the NBN rollout then you can give our Telstra Non Standard Works Team a call on 1800 810 443 (available Monday - Friday between 9am - 5pm AEST) to discuss any options available for you.

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Re: HFC to divided block.

I just called and was told that the Telstra Non-Standard Works Team only have access to maps of copper. The CSR I spoke to gave me bigpond's number and said to contact the "Foxtel relocations team".


I'm currently trying them but I am not very hopeful, I had foxtel come out to install a free month in the hope it would get the HFC installed and instead they just reconnected the existing satellite on the roof.

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