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High Latency/Packet Loss - NBN



For a couple of months now I have been recieving high latency spikes and packet loss both in and out of games. I have ran ping tests to google, game servers and other sites and recieve generally the same results. These results are happening both over Wi-Fi and through an ethernet cable, but not as bad on ethernet. The latency spikes are consistent throughout all devices connected to the internet, but are significantly worse on one PC. 


So far I have factory reset my pc, tried a different modem, new DSL cable, reset network adapters, changed Wi-Fi adapters, tried using powerline network adapters, reset modem and changed Wi-Fi channel settings, turned off cloud and windows updates, and am still experiencing these spikes consistently. 


As I understand Telstra does not cover for latency due to there being multiple reasons for latency issues but I am still considering changing ISP's after potentially paying for I.T to come assess the issue.


Please click the link below to view screenshots from pingplotter to see latency/packet loss results.


Thanks in advance! 



Pingplotter screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/B5KWAtb

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Re: High Latency/Packet Loss - NBN

These spikes are occurring on an IPv6 address. Do you get the same spikes when doing a ping plot to an IPv4 destination? If you don't you could try disabling LAN IPv6 (Advanced > Local Network).


Another thing I have noticed is there is a high percentage of packet loss on the local network. I would disconnect all your devices and do a test with only one device connected and then gradualy add devices to find out which one is causing the problem.

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