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High Latency Ping (I've already contacted 24x7 live chat and phone)

Dear Telstra,

For some reason I cannot log into my pre existing account: Reinhardt367 (this message is a new one but still connected to my previous one)

I have had this occurring problem for around 5 months now or so, it is really bugging me and I'm pretty pissed off. My ping / ms goes extremely high and spikes up and down from time to time, sometimes stays at a high value for a few hours. I can't play games, watch videos with decent speed and generally browse normally. I have talked with 24x7 chat more then 5 times and the problem cannot be fixed. When I asked this same thing through here, they said to call their support team, which I did. After "fixing" my Internet, going through the steps I was told to do, the problem came back just after an hour. It is also not the game that I play (League of Legends) which is affecting my net, because this problem also occurs when I'm not playing it. I have also checked that it is not my computer by checking on my phone as well when this happens, and I get the same results. Please hurry up and help me fix this.



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Re: High Latency Ping (I've already contacted 24x7 live chat and phone)

Heya rainhardt366,

I'm sorry to hear that you have yet to reach a resolution in regard to the latency issues you are experiencing.

I have flagged this with our Social Media Tech Team to see if there is anything more we can do to assist.

The team will be available from 8:00AM EDST and I'm confident we'll do all we can to help further.

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Re: High Latency Ping (I've already contacted 24x7 live chat and phone)

When will my problem be resolved??? This problem really pisses me off and sometimes I feel like smashing my computer to bits. My ping stays on 400 - 1000 ping and sometimes spikes even higher, stays there for hours at times!

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