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High ping in Darwin to Adelaide

Just posting this ongoing issue with almost double the ping between Darwin and Adelaide.

Ping jumps up for a week or two, then goes back to normal for week or two.

And goes on for years.

This problem has not been resolved for 5 years, since NBN was introduced.

Calling tech support is useless since they say it's NBN fault and high ping is not their concern.

I know it's not hardware fault or anything, i have moved 3 times past 5 years with the same problem following me.

I have asked friends who use different carriers and they have no problems at all.

So how can it be NBNs fault?

I'm just getting sick of this problem. I have been a Telstra loyal customer for  over 5 years, but if i don't see a fix or get a proper reply from a network engineer, i will choose someone else.

Here is some pasted info from my routers trace route etc.

Protocol Version
Max Hop Count:
Size (bytes):
Hostname Error code RTT1 (ms) RTT2 (ms) RTT3 (ms)


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Re: High ping in Darwin to Adelaide

Is that the full trace route? 


There's no guaranteed latency on consumer services, more information can be found here https://crowdsupport.telstra.com.au/t5/Broadband-nbn/International-routing-latency-and-ping/ta-p/309...

I work for Telstra, but my opinions are my own and not that of Telstras
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Re: High ping in Darwin to Adelaide

Well the problem is only with Telstra, i suppose i just have to switch then.

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Re: High ping in Darwin to Adelaide

So what you're actually saying is, Yes there's an issue with our network, no we will not fix it.

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Re: High ping in Darwin to Adelaide

I had the same issue. I am in Alice Springs. I narrowed it down to that node there "


I raised a complaint and told them the exact problem. They wouldnt listen. They sent out NBN and NBN couldnt figure it out. I gave them the opportunity. 

Tonight i literally swapped to another provider and was astonished that it literally switched off and started working with them within 10 minutes. And ping was immediately fixed.

Unfortunately Telstra kept saying stuff like "Theres no national standard for ping" "Download speed is your ping". Clueless.


I was with Telstra for 10 years and they just refused to help. Swapping was amazingly easy and now it works perfectly.

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Re: High ping in Darwin to Adelaide

I'm having the same issue. I have been with Telstra for about 30 years! Who did you swap to?

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