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High ping/latency spikes in-game



Recently I recieved a new modem from telstra after a complaint made about the nbn service providing occasionally super slow speeds (0.6-4mb/s) when it usually comfortably sits at 37-40mb/s, 5-7ping, 10mb upload. I decided to install the new tesltra smart modem gen 2 and it originally connected fine, ran consistent speed tests with similar 40mb/s download speeds which I was happy with.


The problem I'm having now is in games I am experiencing massive ping spikes (at least 3-4,000) consistently. Meanwhile speedtests are coming back with no more than 10 ping, but if I record my ping in-game it has shot up to 2,000. This never happened with the previous modem, but instead just having random slow speeds. Currently in the process of talking with NBN consultants but they obviously don't help much. 


Thanks in adavance if anyone has some form of a solution! 


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Re: High ping/latency spikes in-game

Is the game server based in Australia?


As a heads up there is no latency/ping guarantees on consumer services.

I work for Telstra, but my opinions are my own and not that of Telstras
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Re: High ping/latency spikes in-game

Yes, the 5+ games I've tried playing have oceanic-based servers. And yes you're obviously correct, but I had contacted telstra initially regarding my internet having slow speeds previously. 

Also this ping issue is only happening on one PC only - I've recorded ping on two other devices and the ping does not spike at all. 

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Re: High ping/latency spikes in-game

sounds like a possible background process that is using your nic at the same time and causing the spike.

you can start up task manager and see what is causing the issue and kill it.

Note: I am in no way affiliated with Telstra, i simply work in the IT industry and my posts are from experiences.
If you don't want my help simply disregard my post.

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