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Home 5G and streaming video

I've been using a new Telstra Home 5G setup for the last 4 days.

The modem is in a window in a direct sightline to the antennae on a Telstra tower about 100 metres away. The signal reports as good, and speed tests consistently report 500-600 Mbps down and 60-70 Mbps up. Any sorts of file downloads are, of course, very fast!

But there often seems to be a definite short lag before kicking in, one that I have never noticed on my previous setup - 25Mbps NBN (still connected).

On downloads this isn't a real issue, but on a site such as iView (which really isn't very high bandwidth), frequently as a video starts it will be very low quality for 10-30 seconds, then full quality will kick in. Sometimes on higher bandwidth video streaming sites (for example: Apple TV+) the same happens, but at times there can be frequent buffering. Note: this was using an Apple TV box.

Just wondering if such symptoms are part of the basic characteristic of 5G broadband, or is something else happening?

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Re: Home 5G and streaming video

You could use https://speedtest.telstra.com/ and/or Ping the site in question to measure the latency.


On 4G my speed test latency is 31ms (to a server in Sydney) on my iPhone.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Home 5G and streaming video

There is greater latency on a mobile broadband internet service but that should not cause bufferring. The higher latency will only be noticeable on games. If your apple TV is connected by Wi-Fi the Wi-Fi link might be slowing down the speed. I found that some of my Wi-Fi device had a slower speed when connected to the 5G home modem than when connected to my Telstra Smart modem. Changi g the Wi-Fi modulation type from ax to n for the 2.4 GHz band and ac for the 5 GHz band improved the sspeed on some of these devices.

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