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Home Broadband Bandwidth EXTREMELY Poor

I have recently switched from an iinet copper based Wifi service to Telstra/Foxtel cable based broadband Wifi, this was done in anticpation of a smooth uniterrupted service which Telstra was selling.


The service from Telstra has been terrible, the broadband is highly variable, very slow, on occaison so it has difficulty opening a 4  minute youtube clip, and even at its best it bumblesalong with fits and starts as it downloads data.


I have reported it and been asked to switch on and offer the modem, I am using the latest IPad and Apple assures me its not their product causing the problem,  it must be systemic issue to do with Testra servers, at this stage I am considering cancelling the service and going into dispute, the cost of this servicve simpl;y does not measure up to the delivery.




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Re: Home Broadband Bandwidth EXTREMELY Poor

Call through to Bigpond Cable on 132200 and lodge a Cable Speed fault. They can run tests remotely on their side to see what is going on

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