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Home Broadband Top Up

 i have been trying for 3 days to get a top up to activate on my home broadband.  I have tried twice online over a 15 hours period and was advised both times that it should activate with 30 minutes.  Neither of them worked and I gave up and started trying to find a phone number where I could speak to a real person - that was also difficult.  I finally found a number and the online requests were then cancelled.  The consultant lodged a request for me and advised me it should activate within 4-6 hours.  24 hours later I phoned again and despite the efforts of the person I spoke to, I was told that it was not working and I would have to just wait until the month rolled over.


Why offer something that is not available??  Why state online that it will be 30 minutes when it does not work?


I asked if I could have my home broadband bundle recontracted to a higher plan.  I was told I could if I pay an extra $50 to change my contract.


So, I cannot use my free top -up, I can pay more so that I can get a more expensive plan (and therefore be paying more anyway).  Either option doesn't doesn't feel very fair.


I now have schoolwork I cannot do, lectures I cannot watch and the service is too slow to even receive emails.


How do I get a top up to work now?



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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Home Broadband Top Up

Hey murash,


Was any reason given as to why the top up wasn't available to you? This doesn't sound right.


Regarding moving to a higher plan, you should only incur an admin fee if you are changing your bundle type. If you are on an old (out of market) bundle going to a new one, so long as you are out of contract, this should be fine. If you are going from a Broadband Collection to a Bundle Collection, for example, this would incur a fee.


If you can give me some more information, I'll be able to provide a better answer.

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