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Home bundle, Everything set up but no dial tone or ADSL

Morning all, here's a bit of a doozy issue and I was hoping to get some insight from the public as to what the issue is and how long it will take to fix?


My Home bundle should have been activated yesterday and I received all my e-mails with confirmation. So when I got home I find that theres no dial tone on my home phone, I tried all 3 ports in the house but no luck. I thought maybe ADSL might still work but that was a no go either. I was also home between 1pm-5pm which was asked of me, but no technician ever came.


I called up help support and they were very nice and and understanding but they too thought it was extremely weird to see everything set up on their side but nothing on my end. We even tried ringing my new home number and It was ringining but nothing came out at the other end in my house. Im expecting a call back in the next 12-24 hours and Im hoping they'll know whats going on.

In the past I've had TPG home bundle where everything worked, so I don't think its a wiring issue inside my house but it probably wont hurt getting that redone anyway.

Has this problem happened with many others and what was the fix?


Cheers.Smiley Happy

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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Home bundle, Everything set up but no dial tone or ADSL

Hi SenorNavel, 


Have you had the contact back from Faults team to help look into it? 

It sounds like there is just a fault on the line, and a technician should be able to be organised to check it and resolve. 

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