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Home Internet keeps disconnecting

My home internet keeps dropping out every half hour or so and becoming extremely frustrating. I checked the outages for the area, checked my modem, did everything Telstra trouble shooting website suggested still no improvement. Can I ask anyone in Quakers Hills having the same problem as myself with the internet connection? Thanks

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Re: Home Internet keeps disconnecting

Hi Frustrated39.

Is it Cable or ADSL?

Either way - I would recommend having a chat with tech support. They will be able to see your average usage, speed, dropouts, and line stability and perform a few troubleshooting steps with you.

Most notably you want to build a case for yourself so that if you feel it necessary to have a technician come out to investigate (at no cost to you) there needs to be substantial evidence to back up your claims that the service is not working well.

From there, they will be able to assist.
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Re: Home Internet keeps disconnecting

My internet was dropping out suddenly after I started to recieve scam phone calls. 


To my mind, both were connected as the scam caller would 1/ ring my mobile, 2/ ring my landline, 3/ my internet would cut out.


This happened maybe 30 times before I complained vehemently to Telstra.


Now it's stopped. 


Telstra tech said they put a filter on my line to stop the dropouts, but after a few days my speed is REALLY SLOW and I am now trying to get that fixed.


I also blocked the scam caller so the calls have stopped, for now. 


How the scammer got hold of all my Telstra details is anyone's guess. My mobile is not with Telstra, so certainly the scammer seemed to have access to my account. Otherwise, how else could the scammer know both my landline and mobile, both with different suppliers?


I complained about this to Telstra over-and-over, but of course the offshore call centres just denied that could happen. Because that would mean the offshore call centres had links to scammers themselves.


But there it was, certainly happening!


So there you go.



Support Team
Support Team

Re: Home Internet keeps disconnecting

Hi Watcher, 


Scammers use sophisticated number generator systems, so can call any number, if it rings and you answer, then they know it's a valid number. Being on the Do Not Call Register will not stop scam calls unfortunately. 

If you are still having issues with internet speeds, can check here: for any reported issues. 


If it seems to be only your service that is affected, Tech Support will need to troubleshoot again, and if needed escalate. 

They can be contacted any time via Live Chat here: or on 133933. 

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