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anyone who has dealt with Telstra know they have various departments which are set up for specific reasons but when these departments fail to talk to one another their existence becomes counterproductive

in January I received a number of terse txts from Telstra advising I was on the mobile broadband  and if I did not switch back to the land broadband I would have my speed cut back.   I tried and tried to rectify this matter but was unable and subsequently I had my speed cut back which made some of our usage impossible to acheive

Subsequently it was found the reason for not being able to switch back was because of a major fault in the PSDN line and therefore the ADSL was unavailable  This line was not expected to be restored before 24 March

Eventually someone talked to someone and things were rectified and eventually i received my speed back

To assist me with my service Telstra paid for me to put a dongle on my system and hsve been topping up data for me.  Lovely, life goes on ….,.

But then it all starts again with 2 text messages

Yesterday from Telstra  'they have added additional data to my modem to keep me connected whilst they fix my service'  and then today ' urgent action required to reconnect to the Telstra fixed  network to avoid your mobile network slowing down'   and you can guess the rest of the message


I am currently sitting waiting for someone to pick up the phone so I can go through the whole stupid situation once again


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Re: Home / Mobile Broadband

Customer experience when using the modems built in 4G backup due to extended outages/faults is currently being looked at.


In your case until the outage is resolved you'd need to call up to have additional data added to the 4g backup once the previous added data has been used.


For Official Support Chat Now, try the Online Troubleshooter, check for Outages or Raise a Complaint.

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Re: Home / Mobile Broadband

Hi @Hoops02 


I agree with you. The 3G/4G backup side of things is far from ideal.


It needs to know that the customers NBN is down, so therefore, at best, let the customer know that while there is an outage the 3G/4G will keep them connected. Rather than presently warning them that to will be cut off if they don't re-connect their NBN.

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