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How bad can this mob get? Just making sure people can read this before using "telstra"

Reverse timeline follows..........


7/1 0730


Waiting for a chat last 30 mins.  Still position 2.  I cannot stand talking to these characters any more.  They just make me angrier.



0848 SMS

Stating my service "should" be fixed. Ring 132203 and quote ref xxxx if there are issues

1340 Rang 132203

1350 John

Modem is 10 kilometers away from exchange. Wanted to go through all the questions all over again starting with the modem type. I said no. Brief hold while he checks the "notes". Obviously no notes were left for the level 1 lackeys. He needed to know what was happening on the modem before escalating to level 2.

After waiting, note below time level 2 responded, for a level 2 "consultant" to get online, I quizzed John whether they would be the right people to deal with regarding the cable or satellite options. He said yes... back on hold.

1440 Kristin

Exchange is located 16kms. She didn't know why I was sold ADSL in the first place. Service must be disconnected. I said what about options? Cable is not available, NBN is not ready so I suggested satellite. She said that would be available.

1450 Luke

Australian. Will take another 40 minutes to cease the ADSL and start the satellite. I said tomorrow

1455 hung up


0800 Greg

Lie by Vincent on the 24/12. Greg tells me he was the man to go out ... again. He added notes to case to see what the next option will be regarding the internet. No need to attend on the 31st. The landline proximity will not be good enough for ADSL. He will leave notes for me to discuss with Telstra my options of cable or satellite. I have to ring 132203 and quote the case number.


Received SMS from Telstra stating my case close automatically in 24 hours. Call 1300361145 if there are issues.


1025 vincent

More skilled technician to work job on the 31/12. Only need access to the outside the premise. Sending a technician out to the field. Different guy coming out.


Received SMS to say the service will be fixed by the 31/12/2015


phone call from the technician. I explained that I took 20 samples of the WAN light:

off -> slow flash - 8 seconds -> fast flash -> 8 seconds -> hard on 45 seconds -> off. On each third iteration, all lights would go green, stay on for 45 seconds, then start again.

Mutually agreed that the modem is too far from the exchange and he'll escalate that finding.


Received SMS to say my service will be fixed by 22/12/2015


1005 Alex

Check modem lights
Line test noise - inconclusive test


1013 Austin (Service specialist)

Check modem lights
Went away and line noise was ok


1035 Joe

Gave model number TG799VAC
Disconnect in turn modem, splitter and phone
Send line signal


1050 Devine (Level 2 tech

Check modem lights. All well her end
Deploying tech

I need to get all these details in one spot and over to you so you can respond to the rubbish I've had to deal with from telstra. I can't say this is a joke of a "service" because it doesn't exist. I don't know how you classify the remark below, ie "your ADSL order was completed on Sunday, 22nd November", but "completed" is garbage from my end.



Sent my service code to the telstra SMS number as the connection still had not worked.. ever. I was just sent links to fault-find the internet connection to which I DON'T HAVE!! So I rang the 13 number. After talking to the annoying robot and making it known I don't have the internet, I get a description of where to go on the web to get help using an internet connection I DON'T HAVE. Finally after listening to how great telstra is, the message came back saying the "service" centre was closed. Try again in the morning after 8. Your statement below, ie "Telstra’s technical support team are available 24/7 on 133 933" doesn't cut it.



Talked to a non-english speaking "support" person after ringing the 13 number. He checked whether there was an outage in the area. Check lights on the modem. No WAN light. No outage... escalating. Waiting ... waiting. Going to the next level.

A lady was put on. She checked whether there was an outage in the area. No outage. Check lights on the modem. No WAN light. We went through the normal connect phone / disconnect modem, connect modem / disconnect phone. Check lights on the modem. No WAN light. Going to the next level.

Another lady put on. Plug just the modem straight into the wall. Check lights on the modem. No WAN light. Surprise, surprise. No signal. telstra needs to send yet another "technician" out to have a look. Being a technician myself for the last 40 years, I thought it prudent to ensure that telstra didn't have an excuse to say the line was down. So I made the lady ring me on the land line, to which I answered.

I wasn't asked when I could entertain a technician's visit; I was told. Thursday the 10th December, AND if the technician couldn't find an issue with the line or the telstra-supplied modem, I might get CHARGED for the "service" visit.



The next day I thought I'd spend more time going through telstra's time-wasting phone process to let them know I would not be there on the 10th; as a matter of courtesy. I suggested the next opportunity will be the 18th. Waiting ... waiting. Apparently, the opposite of what I was first told, I didn't need to be there.

And now telstra have the complete gaul to start fining me for non-payment on a non-service, ie 50GB broadband. Don't "thank you again for your patience while we resolved your connection delay" because you people haven't even gotten close.

telstra... nothing ever changes does it?


Sent SMS stating a "technician" is due to "fix" my service by 10/12/15. Ring if there are any issues. I did saying I won't be there. Tried to re-scheduled for AM 18/12. Stated that I was not required at home. Visit will stay at 10/12 AM. 35 minute call.



To: <Removed to protect your privacy>
Date: Wed, 25 Nov 2015 15:08:56 +1100
Subject: Your Complaint with Telstra - SR 1-590703523970

Thanks for taking the time to speak with me regarding the delay of connection of your phone and internet service at your new address. Please accept my apology for the delay in addressing your concerns.
I’m glad to hear your phone line is now connected and working. As your previous case manager Dave advised, Telstra assessed there is a payment of $58.08 due to the delay on your Telstra account as a Customer Service Guarantee credit. This will appear within the next 1-2 billing cycles labelled “Customer Service Guarantee” on your invoice.
I’m also happy to confirm your ADSL order was completed on Sunday, 22nd November. When we spoke Monday 23rd November, I reset the password for you, so you’re able to connect and use the service as soon as you wish. If you have any trouble with the connection, Telstra’s technical support team are available 24/7 on 133 933.
We acknowledge that your time is important to you, and you were not be able to install your ADSL service immediately. With that in mind, we updated the status of your complaint to indicate the above resolution. If you have any further concerns about this issue please don’t hesitate to respond to this email, or alternatively you can call Telstra’s Complaints team on 1800 814 242. Telstra’s Inbound Specialists are available on 13 22 00 for any new queries.
We thank you again for your patience while we resolved your connection delay.
Kind regards,
Stacey D312823
Complex Complaint Resolution
Complex Complaints
Customer Resolution Group, Telstra Corporation Limited
P 1800 814 242


0910 John

Logged as xxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx . Wrong address.

Quoting a $25 plan.

I googled that address and it comes up with a totally different address as expected. The old number comes up correct

Gave them the mobile number ... again. Try to ring back this afternoon. Sending a link for me to click on later today.

1025 John

Rang back to say the address is Wrong.

Link he was sending never came through. He'll send it again.

$299 fee for a new connection. I'm not paying anything until the right address is acknowledged.

This is my last communication before I take this list to the TIO.


Logged to Telstra complaints 1035 6/10

I am trying to get a land line reconnected. I know it existed prior to my purchase of the property and the previous owner took the number with him. There is a telstra box bolted to the side of the house and a telstra post 10m from the house and yet the address doesn't exist. The line is live, I can hear it with a phone plugged in.

1145 John

Rang back. I will go ahead with connection at $299 assuming the connection is actually required else it will be a $59 reconnection fee

Technicians do not work on weekends.


1250 Leliela

20 minutes to say I need a new account which what I asked for on the opening line

<Address removed to protect privacy> doesn't exist. Same as last time

Michael.. start all over again with details

Creating account for callback. 2 - 3 business days to receive callback by mobile.

Making a commitment today that I will be calling you on Saturday. He never called back.

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Re: How bad can this mob get? Just making sure people can read this before using "telstra"

Wow.. Feel like screaming after reading that. I have had no nbn for 30hrs except for 1 minute at 310kb/s... Two weeks of agony... Looks like i better prepare family for long haul.
Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: How bad can this mob get? Just making sure people can read this before using "telstra"

Hi Shammo99


It sounds like you could do with some assistance from our NBN Support team. 


They are available for your Convenience 24x7 by calling  1800834273 - IVR > 3


Kind Regards 

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Re: How bad can this mob get? Just making sure people can read this before using "telstra"

I've been having a very similar frustration.

NBN was to be switched over on 20th Jan and I haven't had phone or Internet access since.

When I call Telstra to I keep getting transferred to different people, the case manager hasn't been available and hasn't tried to call me since I first raised the problem.

Customer service and their communication could do with some improvement. I wonder how many customers Telstra will loose after they have reduced the number of employees in Australian call centres and outsourced the work to O/S call centres.

I'm asking to go back to ADSL and will transfer to NBN later when they have ironed out all the bugs. At least ADSL worked.

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