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How can we get notifications of planned outages on the main contact, or email or via app?

My mobile and email address are the main ones on the account. My husbands mobile is in the 'home' field (which it won't allow now - ie I cannot put my mobile there).


That 'home' number got a text notification about a planned outage, not my mobile (the main contact, not our email address, not via the Telstra app & not via the Telstra dashboard app). I cannot put my mobile in the 'home' field because it won't accept mobile numbers now. So HOW can i set things up so that I can get advanced advice of a planned outage.


Yes we have mobile backup BUT where it is currently located due to renovations, the signal is not good, so knowing when the internet is going to out is very important.


How can we arrange to get these on the primary number AND via our login email (NOT the bigpond email)

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