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How do I get my hopeless nbn internet service fixed???

  • History - we moved here 2 1/2 years ago.... into “town” from a small country town 30km away. The NBN service has never been as good as it was where we used to live out in the sticks .... but we tolerated it. However it’s been getting progressively worse with dropping out all the time..... to the point that some days it’s completely useless. Due to a lack of time contacting Telstra about it I never got around to .... my bad .... but it has gotten so bad something has to be done about it as I am paying for a service that just doesn’t perform quite frequently.
    So .... last week I started the troubleshooting thingy .... got a reference number #INC13979258 .... and got a call the next day. The man took me thru a heap of troubleshooting including resetting the modem (which is a new one as I replaced it even though the old one was only just over 2 years old in case that was the problem). He ran tests and after being on the phone for ages with him he came back and advised me that the problem we have is that the signal is not getting through to the modem properly which is why it has periods of dropping out all the time. He said that the NBN people would have to look at our connection and that they would be in touch in the next 24 to 48 hours. Well that was last Saturday and yes I reckon they would not have worked weekends but expected to hear from them by Tuesday or Wednesday..... nope .... now Thursday and still have not heard from anyone.
    So I sent another message .... and all they want to do is trouble shoot again (which was done last Saturday) .... they have their protocols and steps apparently ..... which would be fair enough if it hadn’t already been done. All I am trying to do is chase up the contact I am supposed to have from the NBN people .... instead I have been in a chat session for over an hour with a guy that just doesn’t get “read the file notes - troubleshooting has already been done - the problem is that the NBN people have not contacted me” .
    Is there a number I can ring that I may get a solution from?? My internet service is a pain in the butt ..... but trying to get it fixed is a bigger one at the moment!!!

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Re: How do I get my hopeless nbn internet service fixed???

Sadly, Telstra had largely withdrawn from Telephone customer your wish to speak to a tech person is next to impossible. 

You could  "make a complaint"

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