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How does Crowd Support help with problems? Does it really matter?

If someone makes a statement, suggestion, compliment or complaint about a Telstra service or product, does anyone at Telstra pass on the comments?   The reason I am asking is if many people have the same issue or problem, will Telstra management take any action or is Crowd Support just a forum for getting something off your chest?


Just wondering....?

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Re: How does Crowd Support help with problems? Does it really matter?

Hi there effnmussies and welcome.


Basically Crowd support is what the names says, crowd support or to use a more common term, peer to peer support. In other words Telstra product users assisting other product users from their experience, or people who have an interest in all things tech and with some knowledge they can impart to assist others. Yes Telstra specialists and personel come on board too to assist and seek answers to more in depth problems people may encounter.


The purpose of the Telstra CrowdSupport (crowdsupport.telstra.com.au) website is to provide Telstra customers and others with a central place to ask customer service questions about Telstra products, services or related topics. These questions can then be managed by both Telstra employees and/or other community members. Its overall goal is to make finding solutions to commonly asked questions easier.







Could I suggest that you have a look at the page with this link, it may assist you with your questions:

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