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How is this my fault?

Have been trying to get a simple phone line and 25GB internet service for my mother in law. Her husband just died and she has had to move into a 'home'. The first call to Telstra took an hour and half, where I confirmed every detail and they still managed to get the address wrong (after confirming it?!). So back on the phone we get and the whole thing has to be redone as a new order (another hour + on the phone)! The service was put in and guess what, wrong again - seems Telstra just decided that the plan desired wasn't enough and changed it to a larger plan for an additional $75 per month. Just called again (another 30 minutes of my life I won't get back) and if we want to change the order to the original plan I asked for (you guessed it) it has to be done from scratch again. what a joke Telstra. Is it really that hard to raise, confirm and place a simple order! Oh and by the way, I am not asking you to do anything......heaven forbid, if you do we would no doubt have to start from scratch again!

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