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I write this post mostly to complain about the NBN service. Since last December we had so many problems with the internet (we used ADSL at that time), and oneday the internet was cut WITHOUT any notice. When we call Telstra, they said because ADSL was no longer available in my area, so we have to switch to NBN. So yeah, Telsra forces us to switch to NBN against our will. We chose the $120 broadband bundles with FOXTEL included and from the day I started the contract with Telstra, everything is a nightmare. 


I am just the 2nd account holder and was added recently by the main account holder in order to deal with all of the NBN things. Before my 1st appointment (17/08), I got a phone call from Telstra (I think so) several days earlier, and I missed it (I was in class). but that was it, one phone call, no second attempt. I waited until 17/08 and because no technician showed up, I called Telstra and they said because they could not contact me, so they just cancelled my appointment.


I booked for the 2nd appointment (24/08) and tracked my order regularly to make sure that the status of my internet connection was still progressing. On that day, when I checked again in the morning, IT GOT CANCELLED.  I called Telstra and they contacted NBN and told me that because there was some problems with the NBN system, so my appointment did not come through. The consultant contacted NBN directly and talked in person with NBN to book my next order (31/08), so I had to wait for another week.


I have just called Telstra today (31/08) to ask for the reason why my appointment got cancelled AGAIN as I checked my order yesterday it was still progressing, and he said it was because of the NBN system. He put me on hold for almost half an hour to talk to the NBN and request person to submit a problem ticket or something. Then he asked me to wait for 2 business days and contact Telstra again on next Tuesday to book for my 4th appointment (which I do not know when)


This is getting really ridiculous. How long am I supposed to wait for the NBN to be installed??? I cannot even pass the very 1st step to book an appointment. Not to mention all of the drama that may happen with the NBN technician.


Anyone experience the same problem? I did ask the consultant and he said there were a lot of complaints regards the same problem. 

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I've had worse for my parent-in-law.

I applied for their NBN transition in March online and with a self-install kit included (I have the confirmation email to prove this).
Two weeks later the NBN appointment is booked for two weeks time (4 weeks after the application).

Assuming the modem would be delivered any day now, we left it until 3 days before the NBN appointment - they received a Telstra TV but no modem to follow up.  When I called them to find out where it was they advised that the Telstra Technician would bring it with him for the Telstra install appointment that was booked for mid-April (6 weeks post application).  I said no, we didn't order a professional installation, we ordered a self-install.  They said oh ok, we'll send your modem today.  It arrived 5 days later, which was 2 days after the NBN technician visit.  Which means that for two days there was no internet or phone services because the existing modem was old and incompatible with VDSL2.

When the modem did arrive and was plugged in, things started working fine.  I called Telstra to advise that the services were working and they said "we have a professional installation booked for late next week - are you saying you don't need the appointment any longer".  I asked whether the olds were going to be charged for the professional install - yep!  $240!!!  So I said, yes we no longer require it.  They cancelled the appointment.

Within a few hours, the NBN service and phone stopped working and when we called to find out what was happening, they advised that the order had been cancelled.  When we explained that it was just the appointment that was cancelled as the service was up and running, they said that cancelling an appointment actually cancels the entire order.  
So they tried, in vain, to restore the service over the next 2 weeks with varying success.  It'd work one day and not the next.
They said the only way the order can go to completion is to have the Telstra technician professional install happen so they can "submit the work order as completed" and after much arguing over how they should just be able to tick that box themselves, they ended up booking a new professional install for 23 June (YES you heard right - over a month away!). But at least they were going to credit the $240 right?!.   So over the next week and a bit I pushed - really hard - to get this professional install appointment fast tracked so the service could be completed and they tried.  They got it moved to 12 June, but when they called to confirm the appointment, my FIL answered the phone unaware of all the troubles we've had, thought it was a scam call and told them to go away.  They took that as cancel the 12 June appointment.  

The service had been working on and off (mostly off) for about 6 weeks now yet they still insisted that a professional install had to happen for complete the order.

After another week and a bit of trying to get the service working, we get a call from Telstra NBN fulfillment team to say that the order provisioning has gone to error and they cannot progress it.  He proceeds to place a new order, but miffs it up by once again booking a professional install despite my repeated insistence that I can do the install right now on the spot because we have the equipment already, the NBN node changeover has already happened and, in fact, the service was actually working on the NBN (I had speed tests and modem configs to prove it).  

I decide to step back and let things play out.   
The professional install happened on 9 July.  The order went to completion and things have been all NBN since.  But... the original order is still sitting in their system as "provisioning error", so there is now three Telstra ID logins.  

Fast-forward to the end of August and I can report that the service is terrible - they have dropouts almost every second day, they have poor call quality, struggle to stream anything on Netflix and their sync speeds have deteriorated to a measly 11Mbps down and 900Kbps up.  This is SLOWER than their ADSL2+ service they had in March which was running at 17/1.1.
Telstra and NBNco technicians have apparently done remediation work to the pits outside, the nodes and pillars nearby and it's still this bad.  I have relocated the modem to be connected directly where the lead-in ends so we can rule out internal cabling and it has not made an ounce of difference.  

In fact, when the service was first activated in mid-April (but not completed), they had VDSL2 line speeds of 26Mbps and 6Mbps...   so that has worsened significantly in the months that followed.

In all, my parents-in-law have had a VERY VERY bad experience with NBN.  Being without working or reliable internet and phone services for over 3 months, getting a new service that was 40% slower than what they had on ADSL beforehand and also copping a $1300 bill for the 3 months of bungled orders, modem deliveries, professional install appointments and Telstra TV deliveries (they got 3 of them - WTF?!).  Yeah I managed to get it all credited for them, but it doesn't change the sour taste left in their mouths.

This is extremely disappointing because my NBN transition was the polar opposite.  I live on the other side of the hill from them and my service was transitioned with all of 15 minutes downtime.  I didn't have any billing changes, and I managed to score an upgraded modem to the Gateway Max 2 AND a 100/40 speed boost for free - and I get that speed too.  All for $80/mnth.  

I need IDDQD and IDKFA in real life.
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I do managed NBN transitions for many of my private consulting customers and my personal transition was the best, and my in-laws was hands down the worst.  Current tally is 17 Telstra transitions and 8 other ISPs (we live in one of those areas that was monopolised by Telstra Exchange infrastructure).

My takeaway from all of this is: DO NOT USE the online ordering system.  DO NOT USE the general sales phone number.
You should ALWAYS call the NBN transition team 1800 number and request a "service transition".  Make sure there is no new contracts or change of contracts - just a transition from ADSL to NBN.

And under no circumstances should you EVER change providers at the same time you choose to go on the NBN...  Always transition with your existing provider, wait a few weeks and then switch if you have to.

I need IDDQD and IDKFA in real life.
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I got kinda similar problem.. i havent transitioned frkm adsl to nbn but I have been trying to get NBN installed for a month. First time was thru optus.. tbe nbn tech guy came, since I dont have a phone socket in my home he didnt do a thing n left something fo do with cabling for some reason. When i asked or tried to ask n question optus about gettijg them/nbn to do the job properly they say i need a private technician to do cabling etc..
So i csncelled optus since thwy dont know a thing about helping n customer service. So I chose telstra for I thought well they can do more.. well i was wrong... i tried to get NBN 2 more times with telstra. First time nbn guy came simce got no phone socket etc he left n done nothin. I contacted telstra about it. They tried to help or make up stuff to shut me up like next time get a telstra tech guy to come to install phone socket new cabling etc. N new NbN appt.. well that day was thursday just been, and no telstra tech guy no nbn tech to do their job. Nbn guu rang asked if got phone socket i said no but should be installed that day... well that was one of the ppl said to me few days before. I was on livechat again thAt day n the person said the nbn guy has the stuff to install socket etc n to connect me. N he was on his way. I asked them to find out for sure and said they called em to confirm it n yes.. well that was a lie..
I contacted telstra again on friday.. another appt which will be waste of time for no socket still n telstra tech to come about a week after to install phone socket etc... its a load of bull...
I ended up writing to ombudsman about the problem n all they saud they told telstra i expect a call from them n to keep on with telstra about it...
It is doin my head in... Isnt NBN spose to install everything... n not be lazy so n so's. Prob gotta ring nbn telstra support again n demand somethin to be done.

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