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How to access Netflix, Stan, Binge with new NBN package

Hi. This is a super basic question, sorry in advance. I have a new NBN package which includes Netflix, Stan, Binge etc.   I don't know a) how to access Binge and b) do I need to create a Binge account and how do I access the 3 months free as part of this package?   I think I need to purchase some sort of set top box (currently have a foxtel one which I can't use as I've moved house and no wall to IQ cable).    Any help appreciated.   Thanks. 


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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: How to access Netflix, Stan, Binge with new NBN package

The current NBN packages only include a 3 month Binge subscription (you sign up through the Your Offers page in your Telstra account). You will need to sign up to the others through their websites to start subscriptions.


As far as how to access them, you will either need a Smart TV that has the apps built in, or a set top box (Telstra TV3, Apple TV, Chromecast, NVidia Shield, etc).

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