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How to block on specific device/IP

My modem detail: Modem Make Model Technicolor DJA0231 I tried to login admin - advanced mode - parental controls, add youtube and roblox with device MAC. But My kid still can access these site during homework time. How can I block specific device with some sites while the device is accessing Internet for homework? Thank you.

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Re: How to block on specific device/IP

How is the device connecting to the modem? wi-fi or ethernet or both? if both, have you blocked both MAC addresses (not IP address)?  could also be using his mobile if he has one as a hot spot 


He might have also found a way to go through a server that allow access to other sites - kids are pretty clever these days..  MAC address spoofing is also a possibility..  

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Re: How to block on specific device/IP

Hi - would you clarify which section of the Parental Control programming you have activated. There should be two options - Time of Day Access Control where you set specific MAC addresses for Start and Stop time access to the Internet only (WiFi access remains) for the seven days of the week  and there is parental Controls Site Blocking where specific web sites are listed. 


If you are concerned about 'unauthorised' changes to the modem settings by a child, there is also a similar function at the Network level in Telstra Broadband Protect - I am not familiar with the configuration options there.   

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