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How to escalate complaint to senior management

Hi all, I'm wondering if the community can assist with contact avenues for complaint escalation for home internet.  


We have had issues with our home internet since June 2020 and currently have been setup with a backup 4G network as there have been issues with supply with our internet connection.  This has been happening for 6+ months and Telstra are putting data onto our modem to increase the data usage inline with our plan while we wait the NBN line fix that is required as it wasn't run properly the first time.


The current situation is that the data usage expires every month and we are constantly having to call Telstra to have the modem unshaped and data added, noting we're on an unlimited data plan.  We've lodged complaints with the team and have a case reference number 05392260 and have asked for WEEKS to have a case manager assigned from complaints to look at this with no joy.  The request for a case manager is ignored by the staff of the "Gold Member Support" team and no one from case management has contacted us.  It ends up being proactive contact on our end.  


At this point I'm thinking the Ombudsman is the only course of action as the complaint isn't being raised internally.  Has anyone else had similar issues?

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Re: How to escalate complaint to senior management

I had the same issue. It’s been 2 months that I am on a 4G connection. I am gutted when I read  that you’ve had it for 6 months now. My issues are 4G is not working anymore and Customer service always hung up on my call. 


I have been told that I should contact Strata for the MDF connection and now Strata has yet to respond on my request.

Level 1: Cadet

Re: How to escalate complaint to senior management

Have found contact details for the office of the CEO which I think is going to be the next immediate point of contact as the support team won't answer my query directly if my complaint has been raised formally for case management.  





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