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Just need some advice.  Ordered broadband two months ago.  Have followed up 5 times.  Order showing complete.  But text repeated text interaction confirms I’m not connected.  I have had 5 promises to resolve still unresolved.  I had a technician booked to visit they didn’t turn up.  I have had assurances that I would get my issue resolved 5 times.  I have pages of text interaction I keep going around in circles.  Repeated commitments have been missed.  When I call the 1300 number I cut cut off and sent a text.  So 8 weeks later still can’t get resolution.  I’ve probably spent around 14 hours trying to resolve.  I have take time off work to meet the technician who didn’t turn up. Without a doubt the worst customer service I have ever had.  But I’ve been charged for the last two months and charged on my phone bill to ring the service number!!!   I can’t get to actually talk to anyone who will take responsibility and actually solve my problem.  So where to from here.   I’m thinking it time to go to the media and show them all the screen shots of all the messages and broken commitments and posting all this on social media.  Any other thoughts???  Perhaps ideas of a provider who is interested in actual customer service? 

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