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How to get internet to two premises on nbn

Could someone please give me the best solution on how do I get wifi and phone line to my tenants on our property, we are 100 meters apart we did not realise that only 1 nbn is allowed per property( just found out today) So they cannot get their own internet or phone line. We use to have 2 seperate adsl2 internet connection and landline before nbn came early this year and now we have been waiting for the past month with no help from Telstra, have been asking them to send a technician but looks like they just keep sacking their staff and we can’t one person to help us resolve this issue. They have a case manager but still no solutions.
The antenna is above our roof and the tenants house is 100 meters away. We are on the same electricity grid.
Solutions would be greatly appreciated.
Many Thanks 🙏

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Re: How to get internet to two premises on nbn

The reason why you can't get a Telstra technician to come out is because it wouldn't do much good. The infrastructure is owned by NBN Co and Telstra can't legally touch it.

You might need to lodge a formal complaint with tio.com.au about NBN Co in order to get a resolution. As it is NBN Co policy about the one property, one connection, complaining about Tesltra most likely will just leave you where you are.

The only other way would be to run a CAT6 cable from your house to your tenant's house and use your connection to provide an internet service to them (no phone though - they would need to get a 3rd party VOIP service). Or a wifi AP system that beams from your house to theirs (two external WiFi transceivers on the outside of the buildings). Neither of the two options are ideal.
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