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How to get Telstra and NBN support to communicate with each other

After 2 years of almost completely trouble free Telstra NBN HFC connectivity and speed, I am totally frustrated in trying to get a technical problem resolved. Any help would be much appreciated.


I have been getting frequent dropouts for the past two months on my HFC NBN connection. As many as 12 dropouts in 11 hours... I feel like a hampster in a treadmill. The only access for support is via Telstra, my ISP. Telstra is only ‘capable’ and/or responsible for troubleshooting their equipment. i.e. the Telsta supplied router. Hence, even with a valid NBN tracking number Telstra support insists on trying to diagnose the Telstra router when it is patently obvious that the problem lies upstream from the router. The symptoms are that the three green lights in the NBN Arris box, not the power light, go off for a few minutes, then begin to come back on as they would after a reboot or power cycle. Once all lights are back on the Telstra router eventually returns to online status and all resumes working. Anyone with even a minimum level of training and knowledge of routers would understand that if the box preceding the router in the network is offline, then beginning by troubleshooting the router is totally pointless. Further, the Telstra call center staff seem incapable of reading the notes in their system that would explain this to them in detail. During each call of 30 to 45 minutes duration, they finally agree to escalate to NBN. NBN makes and then cancels onsite appointments, and then updates Telstra saying that the problem has been resolved... Telstra is not provided with any details of resolution by NBN. Needless to say the cycle continues. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to break this frustrating and time wasting cycle.

PS: An NBN technical contractor did attend my home today and replaced/repaired the HFC. Cable ends/connectors. Another dropout occurred within 45 minutes of his departure. Of course NBN had marked the problem as resolved.

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Re: How to get Telstra and NBN support to communicate with each other

Once the service has dropped at least 6 times again after the NBN tech has been out you'll have to raise another fault for NBN to investigate again.
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Re: How to get Telstra and NBN support to communicate with each other

This seems like a never ending cycle. Theoretically the NBN technician can drive by my home and close the call as resolved with no feedback to either me or Telstra...

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Re: How to get Telstra and NBN support to communicate with each other

It's not even that much effort. The NBN will do a remote test and if they don't see a problem at the time, they will cancel the callout. 

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