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How to stop Telstra Smart Modem redirecting some links to mymodem.modem?


   My NBN connection had some outages yesterday, then recovered OK.  But now when I goto certain websites (eg www.blackburnnissan.com) my browser redirects to mymodem.modem web page.  Other web pages works OK.

This happens on all devices connected to Wi-fi or ethernet, so it is NOT related to any browser settings, it must be todo with the Telstra Smartmodem.

Anyone seen this before?

Is there a way to clear DNS cache in the modem?


Modem is the Telstra SmartModem (Technicolor DJA0231 model) on HFC NBN.

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Re: How to stop Telstra Smart Modem redirecting some links to mymodem.modem?

There is no setting in modem for clearing DNS cache. You could try powering modem off and then back on. If that fails you could try factory resetting modem by pressing reset button on the back of modem near LAN port 2 for at least 10 seconds. Any custom settings in the modem will be lost if you do a Factory reset?

If you have custom settings and don't want to do a factory reset you could try selecting another DNS server for both IPv4 and IPv6 from the drop down menu in the modem's Advanced > Local settings. Save settings and reboot modem or reconnect devices for new DNS settings to take effect.

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