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I can't access http://mygateway.gateway/

I can't access http://mygateway.gateway/ on my laptop ethernet unless I put it on Wi-Fi. But I used to be able to access it on ethernet why not anymore

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Level 22: Superhuman

Re: I can't access http://mygateway.gateway/

A few things to try..


- if any other device is connected by ethernet, are they working OK?

- close and reopen the browser - clear cache and site data

- check the cable is properly clicked in at each end

- troubleshoot the laptop ethernet connection

- reboot the laptop

- try a different cable between laptop and modem

- try a different port on the modem (if there is another one working OK, try that)


If you still need help, please advise the details of the laptop and OS, and the modem make/model (label on the bottom). If you don't connect directly between laptop and modem please advise what the connection is.

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