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I connected to nbn wall connection with Telstra gen2 modem without using the connection box

I moved into my new rental and I called Telstra and told them that I wanted to transfer my home internet to my new home.  They told me to plug my gen2 modem into the nbn connection.  My internet worked asap, and I did a speed test and got rates of 116Mbps.  The Telstra moving rep told me that Telstra would deactivate my old.accoint at old address and move my account to new address.  It would cost $89, but I would not need a  on-site engineer.
Next day I get a message stating that my old internet at old house disconnected.  Then at my new home I noticed that I was blocked from all webpages "security/certificate" issue.  But my modem said my internet access was fine at the new house.  When I called.telstra.they said it will be fixed tomorrow.  When it was still not working next day they said that in would need.an nbn.engineer to come.in 10.days time.  
My question is that I was able to plug my gne2 modem directly into nbn and it worked, so why are Telstra telling me that it is not possible to use nbn without the connection box?

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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: I connected to nbn wall connection with Telstra gen2 modem without using the connection box

Some types of NBN connections don't require an NBN connection box. To be able to tell if your connection dlesn't require a connection box would need a image showing what your modem is plugged into.


To stop the error messages you are receiving you could try changing the DNS both IPV4 and IPV6 in the modem. To do this log into modem (password is Telstra) and go to Advanced > Local Network. Select DNS from drop down menu. Save settings and reboot modem.

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