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I was on NBN but then got connected back to Telstra cable (not at my request)

I arranged via Telstra to be migrated from Telstra cable to NBN as we will lose the old service in our area in Jan 2020. An NBN tech turned up October 13th and updated components in the cable termination box outside and then installed our supplied Smart Modem 2. He got our home phone and internet working OK. The old cable modem went back in its box.

About October 22 I rang Telstra to query which NBN plan I was on. I was told that I was on the default plan. I wished to be on the $90 unlimited plan instead so an order was placed for me to be moved between plans.

In early November our NBN internet connection stopped working. I found by disconnecting the NBN cable that the Telstra Smart Modem would fail over to 4G for internet and our home phone became active (via the Smart Modem). After logging a fault ticket I was eventually told by the NBN provisioning team that I had lost my NBN port as my service had been cancelled. A Telstra tech said I had been migrated back to the old Telstra cable service and that I could just reconnect my old Telstra cable modem to get internet, or I could continue using 4G connectivity until my order was sorted out.

That was 5 weeks ago.....

I am still talking to India who have been "escalating" my NBN provisioning, but I have no advice when this will happen. I have been told not to use the old Telstra cable modem, and not to use Telstra 4G, but to keep the NBN boxes plugged in until I get re-provisioned.

Which means we have no internet connectivity but I am still getting billed for it.

My understanding is that I just need to be reconnected to an NBN port.

Is a local Telstra resource able to assist?

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Re: I was on NBN but then got connected back to Telstra cable (not at my request)

Hi @NBNDisconnected,


It's very concerning to hear that you have been advised that your Cable service has been reconnected, as this certainly shouldn't be the case once you are connected to the NBN. 


Has this been sorted for you since your post? 

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