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Incorrect data usage reporting

I have had some very strange activity on my NBN in the last few weeks. My data for a whole 2 weeks was registering usage of approx. 25GB per day. This is a huge amount, which i would occasionally spike to when streaming HD hockey etc... but consistently for 2 weeks this has been the case.


I first thought that someone must be hijacking my WiFi so i changed my network name and password. The downloads continued.


What is even stranger is that over the last 2 days i KNOW that I have used a much more significant amount, yet it is registering as only 100-200mb for the time frame. I have downloaded several HD videos from AppleTV along with some heavy streaming, totalling well over 30gb.


What could possibly be causing this to happen? Is it possible that my account is just incorrect??


Cheers for your help!

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Incorrect data usage reporting

What you describe definitely does sound strange. 


regarding the period where you were using 25 GB per day. Do you have any cloud back up services or file sharing programs? The best way to check if this is being generated by your devices is to leave your modem turned off (when convenient) for at least 36 hours and check the usage meter.


The usage meter can be up to 4 hours behind so keep that in mind when checking the usage.


If you still have concerns regarding the usage meter, please contact Tech Support on 1800 834 273 so that they can assist you further.


- Shelly

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