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increasing upload speed

hi guys,


i have a adsl2 connection. my ping and download speeds are fantastic. mainly due to the fact i live 200m away from the exchange, and i maintain my wiring in my house (im a data cabler). however my upload speed needs work. im unsure what to do here and how to go about it.


is this something that can be done from my end that im unaware of?, or do telstra have another plan i would be able to go on???


as you can see here my speeds are fantastic for a country town.


however i remote desktop my system at home alot and a better upload speed would help out heaps. also a better ping speed would be alot better.


i use a IT company in adelaide who said the only way is it contact telstra and get them to run a fibre optic cable from my house to the exchange. i would assume this would cost alot $$$$$, but the speeds would be fantastic, this isnt an option tho.


any help would be awsome.




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Re: increasing upload speed

Considering In the perfect world max uploads would be 3.3 Mbs odd over a annex m infrastructure there certainly is a discrepancy when one take your down and up as a whole. What's ya line stats as reported in your modem? Uploads are always BS d to the bandwidth allocation.

As for the 200m form the exchange thing. Well.... Line stats and being to close to the exchange has not served people well in the past.


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