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Incredibly Slow Internet Speeds



Over the past few weeks we have been experiencing excruciatingly slow Internet speeds. We have checked the online status page for bigpond and have found no issues in our area; we live in Carindale, Brisbane. The internet plan that we are on is the Bigpond Elite Cable plan. Our current download speeds as per speedtest.net downloading from the telstra server in Brisbane is a consistent 4Mb/s. This computer is connected by ethernet into the netgear CGD24N v2 modem/router. At the time of testing there was no other devices connected to the network. Please see below a screenshot from the signal strength pane of the netgear config.


One further bit of information that may be helpful. We currently have installed two foxtel boxes which are connected to the cable line. Around the time of the installation of the second box, the installation techie installed a powered splitter (it connected the cable line of one of the foxtel boxes to a general power outlet). After an electrical storm that blew the splitter the techie that was called out removed it and replaced with a 3 way splitter with no power. We had fine download speeds for about 2 months (around 25-30 Mb/s) and then had a sudden drop of speed around the end of march. Is the need of one of these powered splitters represented in the signal strength details below?


Sorry for the long winded post, hopefully someone can give some insight into why we are having such issues with our connection speed.





Screen Shot 2012-05-19 at 10.52.10 PM.png

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Re: Incredibly Slow Internet Speeds

From my knowledge 3 or more outlets does require a power supply. Hows the foxtel in both rooms? still functional.
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Re: Incredibly Slow Internet Speeds

The foxtel in both rooms are still functioning. There doesn't seem to be any issues with their connection.

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