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Installation Cost for - Ultimate Cable 200GB Deal (Telstra Complete Home™ Saver 200GB Bundle)

Hi Telstra,


I received promo in the mail yesterday about above deal which is promoted as being available in my area. It looks interesting and I am considering to connect.


However, I have read a lot about this deal and am still not clear as to the installation costs.


Current Setup - Iinet ADSL 2+ broadband with bundled home landline also with iinet. My Telstra Landline connection was disconnected about 4 or 5 years ago when I joined iinet.


I do not have a foxtel/cable connection from the street into my house.


As I would be a new customer joining on a 24month contract, can you confirm following:


1. Does this deal include free installation of the cable from the street into my house?


2. I believe this deal includes (free of charge) the cable modem (100MBit), but I need to pay for postage ($9.95). Please confirm? 


3. Does this deal include the installation of the modem?


4. The $78 monthly charge includes a $10 discount on this bundle which is normally $88. Can you confirmt that at the end of the 24months, the monthly charge is back to $88.


5. Can you provide a link to the call charges for calling from the landline as I could locate this on the website.


6. I read somewhere that there is a deal where you pay $X per month for unlimited local and discounted STD or international calls. Does such a deal exist and is it possible to include into this deal?


Your prompt response would be greatly appreciated.




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